About Bishop Ambroise

Bishop Himrod Ambroise is the Senior Pastor of International Faith Ministries (IFM) where he has served God and His People since September 2003. Celebrating over a decade in ministry, Bishop Himrod has developed a people of faith, purpose, destiny and power.

International Faith Ministries is a multi-cultural, non-denominational church where all can experience dynamic worship and practical bible based teaching. It has blossomed from approximately 36 members in 2003 to now over 800 and is one of the fastest growing ministries in the surrounding area.

Ministering a powerful message of faith, hope, living and operating in your purpose. Bishop Ambroise has mentored and advised, community leaders, political officials and various prominent members of the community.

The City of Orange, has declared September 1 as "Himrod Ambroise Day" for his service to the community in outreach to At-risk youth, women and the less fortunate.