• Transforming Lives
    Restoring Hope
    Transforming a Nation, One Person at a time, One Family at a time,
    One City at a time, One Life at a time... With God's Word All the time!
  • Faith is action
    Fuel Your Faith
    Put your faith into action today and let your actions be fueled by your faith.

  • total surrender
    to God
    The first step in overcoming any kind of situation that holds me in bondage in my thoughts,
    mind, body and spirit is to surrender it to God

About International Faith Ministries

Our Ministries

Do you have a servant's heart? Do you desire to make a difference in the lives of others? If so, the Outreach Department at International Faith Ministries (IFM) invites you to join us as we embark on a pursuit to change lives.

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Church Beliefs

This is my Bible. God's Holy Word. This is my weapon against the enemy of my soul. I am everything that it says I am.

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Become a Member

We welcome you to join our church family as we grow in our faith together. I was glad when they said unto me, 'Let us go unto the house of the Lord!"...

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A Word from Bishop Ambroise

"I am elated that you have chosen to visit our website! We welcome you, and pray the Word of God delivered from this ministry becomes a testimony you can share with friends and family. It is vital to be taught the Word of God in a realistic approach.

Through this, you not only gain understanding, but you can apply it to your every day life. I am committed to ensuring that your soul is renewed, and your spirit is revitalized and filled with God's Word resulting in a transformation in every aspect of your life. Thank you for joining us in worship and fellowship."